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Scott Duce is an international artist working in New York and Montana.   Duce’s work is included in many corporate, museum, and private collections. Notable collections include Random House, General Electric, IBM, Pfizer, Inc., Capital Holding Corporation, McGraw-Hill Corporation, Petroplus Holdings, Switzerland, Seagrams-Montreal, Canada, and the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.  Among his awards and honors he has received a National Endowment for the Arts/SECCA artist grant.

Duce's work has been exhibited throughout the United States, with several solo exhibitions in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta; internationally in Paris, France; Florence, Italy; and Lima, Peru.  Duce has been included in many group and curated exhibitions and he has had many commissioned works both private and public, including Bell South, Atlanta, Embassy Suites Hotels, and the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Duce is continually producing paintings, drawings, photographs and animated films for an active exhibition schedule.  He is in production on several new hand-drawn animation films; including an animated short film on dyslexia titled Arival/Departure and a new film titled Row which focuses on isolation and pareidola.  He recently released the short film Castletown incorporating animation and still photography techniques based on a former minning town in Montana. 

Duce has published a book of drawings titled Wild Traces: Drawings from Brush Creek Ranch based on a month long artist residency in Wyoming and is working on a new book of photographs tittled Calle de Transcripcion based on his time in Chiapas, Mexico.


Duce continues work as a visual film/animation advisor as well as creating animations, digital designs, storyboards, illustrations, and concept art for film and animation projects.


In addition to his studio work he is currently a professor at Sarah Lawrence College teaching in the Film and Moving Image Arts department where he conducts course in animation, concept art, character design, and storyboarding. 


 As Henry David Thoreau succinctly put it, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see”.  I have spent my life painting and drawing in order to understand what I see and seeing to understand what I make.   My work is based on observation combined with a desire to visually interpret nature, landscape, and culture.  

 I am continually moving between producing paintings, drawings, prints, and animations.  For me observation comes first, whether I am on a city street or in the mountains I am always looking for what catches my eye, what excites me visually, what surprises me by humor, beauty, or conflict.  I then take what I have witnessed and reinterpret this imagery through form, light, color, and meaning. For me the medium guides my process as much as anything. The texture of paint or a piece of paper influences the marks I make by hand and guides the content of my work.  I tend to work in series which allows me to explore an idea in all of its permutations.  Each series begins with a visual idea and proceeds through repetition, exploration, evaluation, and finally acceptance of a conclusion I have worked out for the image.  My hope is that the work allows the viewer to engage with the observations I have noted and the interpretation I have strived to express.   I desire to create unique images that transcend representation and move toward a deeper insight into not only my own aesthetic but the universal meanings of imagery.







        Master of Fine Arts, Boston University, emphasis in painting and drawing, 1983

        Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Utah, cum laude, 1981 


Solo Exhibitions (Selected)


        Phyllis Weil, New York, New York   (seven solo exhibitions)

        Fashion Center Space for Public Art, New York City

        Project 3W57, New York City (window installation)

        Cavalier Galleries, Greenwich, Nantucket, and New York  (six solo exhibitions)

        Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina

        Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia    (three solo exhibitions)

        Larsen Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

        Marie Park Contemporary Art, Dallas, Texas

        Bennett Galleries, Knoxville, Tennessee    (ten solo exhibitions)

        Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago, Illinois   (two solo exhibitions)

        Arden Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts    (three solo exhibitions)

        Lisa Kurts Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee   (two solo exhibitions)

        Christa Faut Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina   (three solo exhibitions)

        GSI Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

        Albany Museum of Art, Albany, Georgia

        Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

        L and B Viewing Gallery, Portland, Oregon

        Museum of Arts & Sciences, Macon, Georgia   (two solo exhibitions)

        Museum Works, Aspen, Colorado

        Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, North Carolina

        Rutgers Barclay Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

        Marita Gilliam, Raleigh, North Carolina


Solo International Exhibitions


        Galerie Got, Paris, France

        Instituto Cultural Peruano Norte Americano, Lima, Peru

        Gallery Got, Barbizon, France


Group Exhibitions  (Selected)


        Project 3W57, New York, New York

        Blue Mountain Gallery, New York, New York

        450 Broadway Gallery, “Blue”, New York, New York

        Phyllis Weil & Company, New York, New York

        Medialia Gallery, New York, New York

        Cavalier Galleries, New York, New York

        Hidell Brooks Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina

        Larsen Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

        Addison Ripley Gallery, Washington DC

        Art Horizons, Two-Person Exhibition, New York, New York

        Centennial Olympics, Olympic Village, Atlanta, Georgia

        Brenda Kroos Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio

        Lizan Tops, East Hampton, New York

        Marguerite Oestreicher Fine Art, New Orleans, Louisiana

        Larry Munson Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

        Reynolds Fine Art, “Vista: Study of the Land”, New Haven, Connecticut

        Bennett Galleries, Knoxville, Tennessee

        Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, “A Sense of Place”, Montgomery, Alabama

        Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

        SSC&B Lintas Worldwide, “Beauties/Beasties”, New York, New York

        Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio

        Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Georgia


International Group Exhibitions


        Edi Grafica Stamperia e Galeria, Firenze, Italy

       Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, Italy

        FIAC, Grand Palais, Paris, France

        Galerie Got, Paris, France

        Vancouver International Art Fair - Art 98, British Columbia, Canada


Collections  (Selected)


        Aluminum Company of America

        American Telephone & Telegraph

        American Life Insurance Company


        Bellarmine College Library

        Brooklyn Hilton Hotel

        Caesar Pelli Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio


        Eastman Pharmaceuticals

        EdiGraficia, Firenze, Italy

        General Electric

        Hospital Corporation of America

        Hunter Museum of Art

        Hyatt Hotels

        IBM Corporation

        Instituto Cultural Peruano, Norte Americano, Lima, Peru

        Kemper Group

        King and Spalding, Atlanta, Georgia

        Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences

        MBNA American Bank

        McGraw Hill Corporation, New York, New York

        McDonalds Corporation, Illinois

        NACCO, Inc.


        Petroplus Holdings AG, Zug, Switzerland

        Prudential Insurance Company of America

        Reading Museum of Art, Reading, Pennsylvania

        Seagrams, Montreal, Canada 


        Sherwin Williams

        Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Florn, New York, New York

        State of Georgia

        Sterling Winthrop, Inc.

        Suffolk County Law School, Boston, Massachusetts

        Telecom USA

        University of Texas at El Paso

        U.S. Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden






        National Endowment for the Arts/SECCA


Artist Residencies


        Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming

        Edi Grafica Stamperia, Frienze, Italy



Animated Short Films (recent)



         Arrival / Departure, animated short on how one’s brain sees with dyslexia, 6.5 min. animation, 

                release date: August  2020

               Best Short Animation, Shawna Shea Film Festival, 2021

               Honorable Mention, Golden Flower International Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 2021

               Semi-Finalist, New York Animation Film Awards, New York, 2021

               SENE, Music, Art and Film Festival, 202

               Flathead Lake International Cinemafest, Nominated Best Animation 2021

               Durango International Film Festival. 2021


       Castletown, animated short, 6.5 min. hand drawn animation and photo stills, released: May 2016

                SENE film festival, 2017

                Enthographic Film Festival, Paris, France 2021


        Bird Story Trilogy, Three short hand-drawn animations

                Rufus: The Guardian

                Pelican Drop

                Story of the White Sparrow


        Sap Flow: the Doppler Effect, Hand-drawn animation



      A Walk in Winter, Photoessay Scott Duce, Fall 2021

                  Photographs during  a four month period on the same road with observations of land and sky.


        Wild Traces: Drawings from Brush Creek, Scott Duce, published September 2014,

                DuceStudio Productions, 40p. Hardcover, ISBN #  978-0-692-27579-5


        The Augury Drawing Series: symbols as language as meaning, e-book,  


        In Public 2004 -2016, complete catalog of the In Public Painting Series, 




Reviews and Publications (selected)



        Catalogue, Vista: A Study of the Land, Reynolds Fine Art, New Haven, Connecticut, 2013

        American Art Collector, “Reconstructing the Landscape, Group Exhibition at 

                Cavalier Galleries”, April 2010

        Catalogue Essay, “Beyond the Tree Line”, by Philip Eliasoph, Cavalier Galleries, 2008

        American Art Collector, Feature Article, Scott Duce, April 2008

        Plum TV, Live Interview, “Art News-Scott Duce Exhibition at Cavalier Galleries”, July 2006

        American Art Collector,Feature Article, May 2006

        New York One Television, interview “Business of Art - Scott Duce at Phyllis Weil Gallery”,

                December ,2004

        Catalogue, “Conversation with Scott Duce”, Phyllis Weil Gallery, New York, 2004

        Catalogue, Scott Duce - Paintings, Cavalier Galleries, Greenwich, Connecticut, 2004

        Auction Catalogue, Artrageous, Edwin Gould Services, New York, New York, May 2003

        Southern Accents, “Art-Framed Art -Contemporary painters have begun to play with and

                redefine the concept of boundaries, borders, and frames”, by Gussie Fauntleroy, 

                October 2002

        Catalogue, Scott Duce: Azulejos Panel Paintings, Phyllis Weil Gallery, 2000

        Catalogue Essay, Scott Duce-Poet of Landscapes, by Robert Metzger, 

                Galerie Got, Paris, France, 1998

        Catalogue, Scott Duce-Oil Paintings, Arden Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 1998

        Catalogue Essay, Scott Duce: Passeggiata, by Suzanne Harper, Museum of Arts and

                Sciences, Macon, Georgia, 1997

        Chicago Tribune, Art, Gallery Watch, Scott Duce Envision Prague, by Barbara Buchholz,

                November 22, 1996             

        American Artist, Instilling a Sense of Mystery in Painting: Scott Duce, by Stephen 

                Doherty, December 1994

        Art Papers, Review/Scott Duce at Bennett Galleries, by Dorothy Joiner,September, 1993

        Catalogue Essay, Scott Duce New Paintings, by Margaret Mathews-Berenson, 

                Phyllis Weil Gallery, New York, 1993

        Catalogue Essay, Scott Duce: The Humanist Landscape and the Landscape of the Human,

                by Dorothy Joiner, Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1992

        Southern Accents, A Wanderer’s Landscape, by Steven Litt, October 1991

        Art Papers, Review/Scott Duce: The Black Drawings, by Dorothy Joiner, Sept. 1991

        Catalogue Essay, A Sense of Place-Seven Contemporary Artists, by Diane Gingold, July, 1990

        Catalogue Essay, Southeast Seven 8, Southeast Seven Artist’s Exemplify Today’s 

                Pluralism in Art, by John Yau, 1985

        Pace Magazine, Featured Artist – Scott Duce, October issue, 1985

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