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This series titled Calles de Transcripcion was produced in San Cristobal de las Casa, Mexico in 2017.   I have created artwork and film projects in San Cristobal for several years.  This series began with the exploration of the visual complexity and sheer dynamics of the street life throughout the mountain town.  The selection of works encounters the structural patterns of the architecture and environment in relationship to human interactions.  It is the connections and disconnect between the people that set up the emotional interest whether that be a group gathered to rest, a single person selling balloons or someone walking with their dog.  Color plays a very important role in capturing this but it is the subtle color patterns defined within the surfaces of the walls and the patterns of the clothing of the people that help to integrate the visual flow.  The variation of compositional structure is important to emphasize the specific tone and mood for each photograph; some have sharp angles while others establish a more traditional horizon.  It is this relationship between the human presence and the architectural backdrop that is the most fascinating aspect that I seek.  It is the visual patterns established that defines the moment and it is what photography achieves so well.  My hope is that my images capture the essence of these patterns and that they in turn begin to represent the fascination of the complexity that the visual world unfolds.

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