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TROUT was the fourth of six edition portfolios printed at the Thirty-Eight Street Studio in New York City.  A collaboration between Scott Duce and Robin Starbuck.  This edition incorporated a poem by Robin Starbuck and drawings, design, and construction of handmade books by Scott Duce.  The books were dedicated in memory to Scott’s father Donald F. Duce, 1917-2007, an avid fisherman.


Poem        Flies only satisfy in the spring

                    In winter I dream in my green pool

                    While winds wail

                    And ice quiets my song




Handmade Book in edition of 17, Drawings made with Stabilo pastel pencils and Staedtler lumocolor markers cover page made with Japanese rice paper and black book linen.


Fresh ink print on fabriano 90lb. traditional white archival paper.

4.5 x 6 inches folds out to 27 inches.   December 2007



This portfolio is sold out

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