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A hand drawn animation of a Rufous hummingbird’s efforts to defend and protect its territory and food source.  


This very short hand drawn animated film suggests the subtle movements of a small Rufous hummingbird as it perches as a lookout to defend and protect an unseen food source, chasing away any and all intruders.  Animated with fingerprint graphite drawings of hummingbirds, artist Scott Duce hand drew each frame to create both eloquent visual flight patterns and a meditation on nature.



Animator                     Scott Duce

Producer                     Scott Duce/ DuceStudio



Production Date          April 2014


Running Time            1.37 min.


Animation                    Hand Drawn fingerprint graphite drawings

Methods                      Charcoal and prismacolor pencil background drawings


Screenings:                 Cavalier Galleries, Greenwich, Connecticut, 2017


You can view the animation Rufous: The Guardian above or at:

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