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Castletown, Montana is the setting for this short film by Scott Duce, it conveys the subtle and profound sense of abandonment, with ghost-like deer appearing to suggest the former and present residence in this  once thriving mining town of the 1890's.  The town now sits as a ghost town with restricted access to visitors.  The film combines photographs, live footage, and hand-drawn animations to present a carefully constructed aura of a uniquely anxious, troubled, and discarded habitat where even the birds, insects and animals are not fully imbedded in reality.

Animator                      Scott Duce

Producer                      Scott Duce/ DuceStudio

Production Date          May 2016

Running Time               6:30 min.

Process:                         Hand-drawn animations mixed with photographs and live footage.

Screenings:                   Ethnografilm Festival, Paris, France, 2020

                                        9th Annual SENE Film Festival, Rhode Island, 2017

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